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Andrea's Restaurant

November 27
by MissPicky 27. November 2013 22:02

Andrea's Restaurant - Chicken Tenders

Last night I went to Andrea's and I got the fried chicken. It didnt eve look or taste like ,but the service was really neat, nice ,and polite. I bet you didnt know that the queen of England ate there and liked it. When we left I had a stomach ache. I dont think my mom iked hers either. She got crabs it was very plain and it had NO SEASONING!!!!!!!!! Its Louisiana a lot of places have seasonings or spices. Once again the service was the part i liked most about it. My dad had gotten the steak and he reallyliked it. Remember I'm 11 and this was an Italian resturant.

I'de give 3 stars if I in real life!!!!!!!!!!



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Welcome to Miss Picky's Blog

November 27
by MissPicky 27. November 2013 21:50


I’m Miss Picky and this is my blog.

I’m a 11 year old all American, Louisianan girl and I’m extremely picky!!! One day my parents called me "Miss Picky" at a restaurant and that’s how it got started. At first I was kinda mad because my parents are calling me names but, it was all a joke and now I’m fine being called that.  I said that sounds like a title for a blog. This is where my dad comes into action… his job is where he makes websites and/or BLOGS!!! So it was like I needed to do this and one night he built the website and the next day we named it. Anyway I will be choosing a restaurant in the New Orleans area and take a picture of the food name it and then write a report on it in alphabetical order.

So go checkout my blog and see if you like it.

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